“one of the most satisfying parts of work is forging deep relationships with really good people” Sam Altman comments in this article. http:// I couldn’t agree more! In our little world, we talk a lot about the art of recruitment. Read More

Lacanda Despensa Carne

Searching for a centre piece to build our new bar in Fulham Road around, Rupert & I were reminded why as two seemingly sane people, we entered the peculiar world of catering. The opportunity to meet meticulous, creative geniuses like Read More

Artist Alan Streets


There’s a hatrick of special ones in Chelsea. Jose at CFC, our very own special one Greg Rosser takes up reigns in Fulham Road & look who I found painting Sophie’s on Monday morning… Artist Alan Streets Happy autumn time! Welcome Read More


An Urban Womaniser, the Sparling, our Secret Millionaire, the Cronut Queen, the Operator, our Red Asian & a progressively more enthusiastic member of the McGrath clan, made up just some of the 16 strong team that embarked on a road Read More


Despite the puzzling weather, English asparagus has finally hit our specials board.  Equally puzzling is its postprandial effect… This sparked an in house late night ‘yes/no’ debate, which led to me downloading an intriguing short story titled ‘Asparagus’ by Bloomsbury Read More


I remember in the mid 1980’s announcing to my parents several weeks before Easter that I would no longer be eating ‘young animals’. Believing myself to be part of a nu-wave of ‘vegetarians’, my family mostly ignored by misguided stand Read More